Thanks to many years of know-how from our area, the qualified staff and our modern machinery, we are in position to realize your projects. We offer a complete machining. Our machines are perfect for precision gear cutting, whether it be a standard or custom design, small and large diameter gears of various dimensions and complexity.

What we understand by complete machining? The large machine park, in which constant investment was made, and the qualified employees guarantee the highest processing results. With Nova Gears you will get everything from one source: turning, milling, gear cutting, heat treatment, grinding, gear grinding. In our production facilities with modern CNC machines, our highly qualified production team produces gears in various sizes. They are made especially of steel, with varying levels of case hardened and annealed (up to 62-64 HRC).


Since 1994, “Customer satisfaction is our motivation”.

In 2002 the complete company has been reorganized by implementing a process based management system. This with focus point on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of processes, those ensure a dynamic development of the quality management system. We have implemented the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 and we are certified by TȔV RHEINLAND.

The requirements of our customers for precision in the production, reliability and highest quality standards of our products are realized by the most modern production technology and production-accompanying quality assurance. Due to our knowledge of the specialized process and the ideal organization of the production stages, we are able to manufacture components with a high level of complexity according to the precision and quality required by our customers.

Skilled members of staff with long lasting experience, as well as state-of-the-art machinery, enable us a demand and cost optimized manufacturing of the components.

Our business is to produce gears and pinion shafts for customers with whom we want to have stable and long-lasting collaboration.We are ready to produce for you gears, other parts from gearboxes, even gearboxes for your products.

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    Main capabilities

    ServicesDetailsDimensionsExperience / Precision
    DesignProgramming CAD / CAM using the ProEngineer Wildfire 5 package 10 years
    CNC turningCNC turning machines DMGTurning diameters: Ø320 ÷ Ø465 mm            Stroke in Z axis: 530 ÷ 1 050 mm0.01 mm  0.03mm
    CNC milling3-axis milling: Mikron VCE 800 ProX with Lehmann 4th axis on table700x500x400mm0.01 mm
    Vertical broachingRaushmax. 28 mmcl: 7
    Gear hobbingPfauter P 00; FD 250; FD 400; FD 500module: 0.5-6cl: 8
    Surface grindingJungRotative, Table=Ø320 mm0.002 mm
    Cylindrical internal grindingRI 500Swing diameters max = Ø350 mm0.002 mm
    CNC  Cylindrical external grindingStuder FAVORITCenter height: 175mm0.002 mm
    Center distance: 650mm
    CNC Gear grindingBURRI BZ331Workpiece Ø: 10÷330mmDIN 332-cl5
    Module: 0.5 ÷ 6
    No. of teeth: 6 ÷ 999
    Reishauer RZ 301SWorkpiece Ø: 10÷330mmDIN 332-cl6
    Module: 0.5 ÷ 6
    No. of teeth: 10 ÷ 600
    Heat treatmentfurnaces TQ4-IPSEN, upgrading by Uttischamber dimensions=800x480x340 mm 
    load capacity=220 kg 
    annealing furnaceup to 550⁰ C 
    Gear testingCNC Hoefler ZME 402Module:0.5-20 
    CNC dynamic balancingBM150Rotor weight 5÷75 kg 
    Max.diameter of the rotor 1000mm 
    Length of the rotor 240-1280mm 
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