OEM CNC Machine Accessories

We started production for our products in 2008 year due to our internal needs but not least the desire to have our own products. The production of products in according to our documentation we starts in execution with drive and static toolholder, hydraulic amplifier precision vices and then synchronizer tapping holder.
Today, our range products covers the needs of end users in order to get the tool clamping on Turning CNC machine and parts clamping on Milling CNC machine center .

Why you should choose our products?


NGT Live Tool Holders are machined in closer tolerances, so that they can be successfully use for machining of very precise parts on CNC lathes.
Each NGT Live Tool Holder passed tests for heating, vibrations, noise level and tightness on checking stand and performed a running in.
Each NGT product which will fit your CNC lathe turret passed a stringent final checking by measuring of dimensional and functional parameters.
Noise level is reduced because cyclo-palloid gears wheels has a carefully machining, a controlled heat treatment and a final lapping operation.
Final Quality Control is performed on proper measuring devices and it is assured a documented Measuring Protocol for each Live Tool Holder, performed on a 3D measuring machine.
Proper product packing ensure a safe transport till destination.
Each bought product is accomplished by a Quality and Conformity Certificate and a Producer Warranty of 12 months.
Repair and/or maintenance after warranty are ensured in the short term as well by NOVA GRUP .

Vices - Clamping systems

The Vice products have all the benefits for choosing the right product by the following characteristics:
Rigidity and stability through GGG60 cast iron, Anti-lifting mechanism-Integrated pull down system, Supplementary jaws for extended clamping range, Bolt quick adjustment of clamping range, Spindle completely protected against chips and coolant, Simple and quick cleaning.
Final Quality Control is performed on proper measuring devices and it is assured a documented Measuring Protocol for each vice after by product reception sheet.
Proper product packing ensure a safe transport till destination.

Each Precision Vice have included in delivery pack following accessories free of charges:
1 Set Serrated jaw (2 pieces)
1 pc. Hand Crank
1 pc. Fixing Kit/Mounting Kit (choose according to the size of the channel T)
1 pc. Transport Protection plywood box, 10 mm.
Note: Each Fixing Set/Mounting Kit contains: clamps (4 Pcs.), socket cap screws (4 Pcs.) and T nuts (4 Pcs.).

NGV vices produced by NOVA GRUP are recommended for both serial and one pice production.

Synchro Tapping Holder

Synchro Tapping Holder compensates synchronization errors during rigid tapping process.
An innovative adjustable viscous elastic system, especially designed to deliver controlled degree of freedom during tapping process performed on CNC machining centers or CNC milling/drilling machines.
Holder is endowed with a cylindrical coupling shaft DIN 1835 B+E, and taps shafts are clamped in ER collets DIN 6499 or Weldon.
Technical characteristics are high concentricity , adjustable stiffness, internal coolant-lubricant supplywith maximum working pressure 50 bar and short reaction time in process.
The advantages of this sysytem are increasing taps life up to 60% ,improve thread quality ,minimized CNC machine downtimes.


Please download this editable PDF file, fill the forms inside then upload it with the Repair request form on the right.

In addition to the repair services under warranty and out of warranty for our products we offer repair services for similar products like vices and tool holders from other manufacturers.

Complete the form below with the required repair specifications. A consultancy will analyze your application and will return in the shortest time with the steps to be followed.

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